<strong>Motocross Mayhem</strong>
Motocross MayhemArcade Game
This game has been in production for several months and we are happy to finally be able to release Motocross Mayhem! Read More
<strong>Wakeboarding Mayhem</strong>
Wakeboarding MayhemArcade Game
We are happy to release our new game Wakeboarding Mayhem! Read More
<strong>Squish Squash Sqoosh Bugs</strong>
Squish Squash Sqoosh BugsArcade Game
Don’t let the bugs take your food away.Read More
<strong>Word Search For Kids</strong>
Word Search For KidsBrain & Puzzle Games
There are a lot of word search apps on the market but we wanted to give our’s a little twist.  Read More
<strong>Spanish </strong><strong>Word Search For Kids</strong>
Spanish Word Search For KidsBrain & Puzzle Games
Spanish Word Search For Kids is the same as our Word Search For Kids but with a small twist…….the whole game is in Spanish! Read More
<strong>Word Jumble For Kids</strong>
Word Jumble For KidsBrain & Puzzle Games
It is appropriate for your child’s education level. Read More
<strong>Word Search</strong>
Word SearchBrain & Puzzle Games
Who doesn’t love a good word search? Read More
SudokuBrain & Puzzle Games
Really cool and entertaining brain game! Read More
<strong>4 In A Row</strong>
4 In A RowBrain & Puzzle Games
4 In A Row can be a simple yet challenging game. Read More
<strong>Circle Shoot</strong>
Circle ShootArcade Game
We hope you enjoy this VERY simple game Read More
<strong>Black Jack</strong>
Black JackArcade Game
Blackjack is the most popular casino game in the world. Read More
<strong>Tanqbay Travel</strong>
Tanqbay TravelUtility App
TanqBay Travel is a simple app that we developed to help you find the best rate on hotel rooms. Read More
<strong>World Markets</strong>
World MarketsUtility App
The TanqBay World Markets App is one of the first apps that we released. Read More